Prostate cancer

Most common cancer in men (about 1 in 7 men are affected by this disease), prostate cancer needs to be managed as early as possible to speed up the healing process.

Find out more about the medical options used to treat a prostate cancer below.

HIFU therapy to treat prostate cancer

Treat a prostate cancer with HIFU

A prostate cancer can be cured using several medical techniques, including HIFU.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds allow the cancer to be destroyed in depth, thus avoiding any surgical operation.

It should be noted that HIFU technology is effective for most patients treated, with a survival rate of between 92 and 99% up to 10 years after treatment.

You can find more information on the prostate cancer diagnosis through the link above.

Prostate Cancer: What other treatments are available to cure prostate cancer?

In addition to the HIFU method, other treatments can also cure prostate cancer.

External radiotherapy is thus practiced in many cases, as cancer cells are destroyed using powerful rays. It can take up to two months for this prostate cancer treatment to be fully effective.

Other treatment methods to remove a prostate cancer include brachytherapy or cryotherapy (more information on the subject is available via the link above. You can also find prostate cancer diagnosis elements through the link opposite.