Prostate cancer symptoms

Survival rate for patients with localized prostate cancer is close to 100% (if treatment does not start at an advanced stage of the disease).

Danger lies in the late diagnosis of prostate cancer. Loss of urinary control, weak urine flow, or pain during urination are some symptoms that should be taken seriously. Sexual intercourse can also be affected by painful ejaculations or the presence of blood in the semen. In any case, consulting a urologist remains essential.

Learn more about prostate cancer symptoms and diagnostic methods below.

Prostate cancer symptoms diagnosis

Diagnostic Techniques with Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Multiple and complementary techniques exist to diagnose symptoms of prostate cancer. These include the determination of the level of Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) in the blood with analysis criteria that change depending on the disease.

For information, it will be supplemented by other examinations. Digital Rectal Examination and prostate biopsies are other ways to detect the presence of cancer in the prostate. Finally, extension assessments using state-of-the-art technologies will increase the diagnosis precision. Prostate cancer symptoms: contact us!

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