Prostate Cancer Focal Therapy Has Made Great Strides and the Future Remains Bright

Although partial-gland therapies, also known as focal therapies, have been incorporated into the surgical treatment pathway of nearly every solid organ system, the prostate has been particularly challenging due mainly to 2 concerns: cancer multifocality and the difficulties of accurately imaging the boundaries of a distinct tumor(s) as typically occurs in other organs, such as the kidney. Despite these challenges, however, the slow but steady acceptance of the concept of focal therapy for prostate cancer has been growing over the past 2 decades, with gratitude to the dedicated individuals who have had the foresight to propel focal therapy to eventually become a standard treatment for select men. Support for the development of image-targeted interventions is also extended to our industry partners and collaborative scientists who continue to push the envelope on technical enhancements and new discoveries that aid in the detection, characterization, and image-guided treatment of such neoplasms.

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