What is the HIFU treatment and under what conditions would I choose this treatment?

The HIFU treatment for localised prostate cancer focuses high-intensity ultrasound on a defined area inside the prostate. This concentration of ultrasound waves raises the temperature at the focal point until the gland cells are destroyed without damaging the surrounding tissue. The HIFU treatment is non-invasive (no incision – no radiation).

This treatment is specifically indicated for the total or radical treatment (whole gland) of patients with:

  • Stage T1 or T2 cancer
  • Gleason score ≤ 7
  • Desire to maintain an optimal quality of life after treatment

The treatment of higher stage cancers (T3) or more aggressive cancers (Gleason score > 7) is possible but this option must be discussed beforehand with a HIFU expert urologist.

The HIFU treatment is repeatable and can also be indicated as second-line therapy after radiotherapy failure.

Focal One® and high intensity focused ultrasound

Thanks to the latest medical device in the HIFU range, the Focal One®, the urologist can now decide to offer focal treatment if the cancer characteristics and patient’s choices allow for it. This therapeutic approach aims to control the disease by closely monitoring the patient and repeating the treatment if necessary. This innovative treatment is currently being investigated and initial results show a perfect preservation of sexual and urinary functions. Focal therapy is an intermediate option between active surveillance and radical treatments; cancer is effectively treated but via a minimally invasive way preserving the patients quality of life while suppressing the psychological stress generated by active surveillance.

Only your urologist can tell you which treatment is right for you depending on the characteristics of your cancer.

Source : HIFU-Prostate

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