What is prostate cancer incidence in the world ?

Prostate cancer is the fourth most common cancer in both sexes combined and the second most common cancer in men. An estimated 1.1 million men worldwide were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012, accounting for 15% of the cancers diagnosed in men, with almost 70% of the cases (759,000) occurring in more developed regions.

With an estimated 307,000 deaths in 2012, prostate cancer is the fifth leading cause of death from cancer in men (6.6% of the total men deaths). Because PSA testing has a much greater effect on incidence than on mortality, there is less variation in mortality rates worldwide (ten-fold from approximately 3 to 30 per 100,000) than is observed for incidence, with the number of deaths from prostate cancer larger in less developed than in more developed regions (165,000 and 142,000, respectively). [1]

[1] Data source : GLOBOCAN 2012 (IARC) , Section of Cancer Surveillance (25/8/2017)

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