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New prostate cancer treatment found more effective than previous methods

Prostate cancer had been affected more than 200 thousand of patients now. It is found to be the most common type of prostate cancer for men. A new treatment comes up as the ray of hope for the patients who want to get rid of this situation. Bate Blair, 76 wants to run marathons. “It’s the challenge of doing it. Every time I line up at the starting line, I say ‘oh shoot, this seemed like a good idea when I signed up 9 months ago.’ But when you finish, a hot dog we finished, we’re done,” he said.

He was aimed for his goal of life and walks on the way of right treatment to accomplish his goal as well. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had managed to maintain the same diagnosis in such a way that he can take a part in the race. “I said what the heck is ‘HIFU’ and he said high intensity focused ultrasound,” said Blair when he asked his doctor what it was. “I said,’well, it’s only my favourite life. let’s go with the HIFU’.”