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Prostate cancer therapy gives patients a different approach

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - A new therapy is giving prostate cancer patients in Rochester an alternative to traditional cancer treatment.

Alternative Treatment for Localized Prostate Cancer: Three Men’s Perspectives

Thanks to advances in ultrasound technology, men have a new option in treating prostate cancer.

Boomer Times Presents: HIFU procedure presented by Clifford Gluck, MD, award-winning urologist

Listen the interview by Anita Finley of Clifford Gluck, award-winning urologist pioneer with HIFU procedure

HIFU Procedure Keeps High School Ref in the Game after Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

I checked with my primary physician, and after researching it, he told me that if he had to make the choice, he'd go with HIFU too.

In a First, US Insurer Covers HIFU for Prostate Cancer

The announcement that patients in the United States who have localized radio-recurrent prostate cancer are potentially eligible for insurance coverage from CIGNA for HIFU is "pretty remarkable," says...
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